Something interesting for you about RealistikOsu...

Clan tags for users may be temporarily out of date due to a cache update complication. Players who have joined a clan after 14/6/21 may not have their clan tag appear in-game.

Developer on RealistikOsu!
(I am one of developers on RealistikOsu, if you found any issue/bug don't mind dm'ing me in game or on Discord!)

My Socials!
Github: @lenforiee
Twitter: @Lenforiee
Bancho: My Acc Slow
Discord: budget Lenforiee#5237

My Setup!
Area: Click Link!
Tablet: Wacom CTL-480
Keyboard: Corsair K68 RGB
Tap Style: Tap-X on Vanilla, Drag on Relax
More about tablet: I don't use any smoothers/filters at all.