Connecting to RealistikOsu


You are one step away from starting your journey on RealistikOsu! One small step from joining a community of 10466 dedicated players and competing in the leaderboards. The only thing left to do is to connect to the servers and your profile will become public for the entire world to see! You will be able to set scores, join clans and play to your heart's content! But how do you do that, you may ask.

Connection Methods

The Shortcut Method

Did you know that osu! nowadays offers a somewhat official private server connection method! The only requirements for this connection method are to have a recent version of the osu client (with the minimum version being stable 20210316). This method only requires the editing of the osu! shortcut on your desktop, and requires no admin privileges.
  1. Open the osu! shortcut properties. This can be an existing osu! shortcut on your desktop or a newly created one. You should now see a properties window open up with the "Shortcut" tab selected by default.
  2. Click on the box labeled "Target" and add -devserver to the end of it as shown in this image. Shortcut target image
  3. And that's it! You are now connected to RealistikOsu! You may now log into your account and enjoy all the features RealistikOsu has to offer.