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The rules of RealistikOsu

  • Exploiting any tablet drivers “features” how some people would say (eg. anti-chatter) is strictly prohibited and will result in 3rd strike in Punishment System (read more about it below.)

  • The usage of any external modifications that alter the behaviour of the client (such as cheating software, custom clients) is strictly prohibited.

  • The creation of alternate accounts (multiaccounting) is prohibited and will result in the banning of the multiaccount and the restriction of your main account.

  • The impersonation of other players will result in your name being changed.

  • The sharing of accounts is prohibited and will result in the restriction of both parties.

  • Including any kind of NSFW content within your avatar/banner will result in an instant ban.

We reserve the right to apply and alter these rules as we see fit.

Requirements for a valid liveplay.

If the staff team believes you to be suspicious, you may be requested to produce a liveplay. A liveplay is a way of confirming one’s skill is legitimate and verifying the absence of cheats.

  • You HAVE to be logged into RealistikOsu!
  • Start your PC on the recording/stream
  • Make sure both your hands are visible and monitor
  • Try to repeat any of your topplays/play near your skill (unless you are specifically given maps to play)
  • You must play at least 3 maps in the liveplay
  • The entire GUI must be visible (key overlay, hit error bar (must be on hit error and not colour), score etc.)
  • Show Task Manager after opening osu! and at the end of the liveplay
  • Edited liveplays will automatically be disqualified
  • Everything must be in a single recording

Note: Failure to meet even a single of the specified requirements will result in your liveplay being automatically invalidated.

Punishment System

This is how the RealistikOsu punishment system works.

Cheating Punishments Cheating now uses a 3 strike system.

1st time: 1 month long restriction + wipe of the cheated gamemodes 2nd time: 3 month restriction + full wipe of the account 3rd time: Permanent but appealable ban

Multiaccounting Multiaccounting adopts a similar system to cheating. Every single time will result with the permanent ban of the multiaccount.

1st time: 15 day restriction on the main account 2nd time: 1-1.5 month restriction on the main account 3rd time: Permanent but appealable restriction on the main account

In-game Toxicity

Each case of toxicity that is seen as going over the line will be met with an in-game silence (and Discord mute if it occurs here). The silence times will increase exponentially and will begin at 1 hour.