This is a list of the outstanding individuals who keep RealistikOsu! the server and its community operating.

Developer Team

Developers are responsible for all the server side magic. They do all the behind the scene technical things.
They have full power over the server as they run it. Developers have a blue name in the in-game chat.


Community Management Team

Community Managers (as the name suggests) deal with the community. This can be anything from organising events to hunting hackers. They are cool people ready to help you.
They have power in numerous sectors such as the discord server


Chat Moderation Team

Chat moderators manage the chat to make sure The Law™ (the rules) is respected.



The Moderator Team is responsible for issuing restrictions and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Beatmap Appreciation Team

BATs play beatmaps in the ranking queue and decide whether they are good enough to be ranked or not.


Social Media Team

The Social Media Team is responsible for anything regarding RealistikOsu's presence on social medias.


Special credits

Here's a list of people who helped with RealistikOsu and made everything possible!

  • Franc[e]sco, for oppai, used as standard pp calculator.
  • cmyui, for the relax PP calculator!
    oppai is licensed under GPL v3. Their implementation can be found here.
  • Tom94, for osu-performance, used as a reference for our mania pp calculator.
    osu-performance is licensed under AGPL v3. Our implementation can be found here.
  • Sunpy, for catch-the-pp used as Catch The Beat pp calculator.
    catch-the-pp is licensed under GPL v3. Our implementation can be found here.
  • jrosdahl, for miniircd, used as a base for our IRC server.
    miniircd is licensed under GPL v2. Our implementation can be found here.
  • Kotrik for creating the beatmap browser used on the frontend.
  • Everyone who has supported the RealistikOsu! project by donating or inviting other people.