1.Who are you?
(I'm Gabriel "Quartez" Caetano)

2. u sus

3.Why are you playing on this server, if you can play on bancho ?
(My friend got banned for multiacc so i'm playing with him here, and bc of the suppoter lol)

4.Are you brazilian ?

5. you have twitter or discord ?
(in my bancho profile xD)

6. Why Quartez?
(I was trying to look a good name for my channel on ytb and BOOM, it comes to my mind Quartez my friends keep saying that i am a block of quartz but that was not on purpose)

7. What is your gender?
(caminhão pipa tunado)

8. how old are you?

9. Do u like nsfw ?
(yes i do specially emo girls, yanderes and futas)

10. I don't speak monkey language

Alright that's all folks.